Green Card It Up

How in the world did (nearly) two years pass since we got Good Man’s green card?

Now it’s time to reapply for his green card. I forgot how much “fun” it is collecting all of this paperwork. Ugh.

So far I’ve discovered that VA tax returns don’t have room for two last names, so apparently Good Man has taken my name. Oh joy, that’s not going in the packet.

One thought on “Green Card It Up

  1. Comment from: david [Visitor]
    is it a new regulation that you have to reapply for green card every 2 years? in my case, i did not have to and after 5 years, i applied for citizenship.
    05/25/11 @ 10:35

    Comment from: admin [Member]
    David, when you get a marriage-based green card, if you haven’t been married for two years already, you get a two-year green card. After two years, you apply for a ten-year card. After three years of having any marriage-based green card, you’re eligible for citizenship.

    Because marriage is a fast track to citizenship, and because there is no yearly limit to the number of marriage-based green cards, they add the extra step to help prevent marriage fraud.
    05/25/11 @ 20:26

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