Hiking Riverbend Park

Yesterday Good Man and I went hiking at Riverbend Park using the directions at Hiking Upward.

Riverbend Park Hike

There’s a full album in the gallery, but I also wanted to post some of my favorite shots.

The hike started along the Potomac River. This section was rather busy, which wasn’t surprising since it was a holiday weekend. We went hiking around noon and it was warm but a little cloudy. It was nice weather.

Panorama of the Potomac

Tree in the Potomac

Once we turned off of the Potomac and into the more wooded section of the trail, the number of people we saw dramatically fell.

Stream Panorama

Fungus on a Tree

I don’t know if we got off the trail at one point or if the map we had wasn’t great, or if a trail was renamed. But we ended up near a pond, where we needed to be. The pond was the only place we found another person in the wooded part of the trail.

The pond was covered in what I think is duckweed and it was filled with croaking frogs. I looked at Good Man and he had a huge grin on his face. The croaking was delightful and I got quite a few frog photos.



Good Man Imitates a Frog


Blue-Eyed Grass

We continued along the trail and saw, well, nobody else. The trail was fairly easy to follow once your got past “the rat maze,” as Good Man called it, near the nature center (which was closed, do I don’t know what it was for). We followed the Upland Trail, which is supposed to sport deer and turkeys. We only saw deer tracks, and near the point where the trail met the river, we saw a teenager who was acting like a turkey.

Still a Frog

Happy Hiking

We got back on the Potomac Heritage Trail for the last bit, and it got busy and crowded again. I did catch sight of what I’m pretty sure was an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly. I like that the butterfly is moving—I think it makes for a rather dynamic image.


All in all, a nice, pleasant hike that (according to the above site) was about 3 miles. I suspect we’ll be back.