TOPIK Results

The TOPIK results were posted today, and I’m pleased with my score. They pretty much came in where I expected they would from the practice tests, with the exception of writing.

Grammar/Vocab: 87
Writing: 79
Listening: 90
Reading: 86

Average: 85.5

So I passed the advanced beginner phase with a pretty solid score. (To get an advanced beginner, you need nothing lower than a 50, and an average of 70.)

I was surprised that all four areas were so close, and the 79 in writing shocked me. I was aiming to get something in the low 60s, and for the rest of my scores to yank up my average for me. I ended up brainstorming and doing a rough draft in the margins of my test before actually writing it down on the document, and I’m glad I did, because I would not have gotten a 79 cold.