Hurry Up and Wait

Mailed in Good Man’s I-751 (ten-year green card application) last week and got the NOA today. The Notice of Action is basically the government’s way of saying, “Hey, folks, we got this, and now you’re a number to us, so wait.”

And so we wait.

And now I fret because apparently they’re doing RFEs (Request for Evidence) on people who don’t send in tax transcripts and instead send in tax filings. Sigh. Guess which one we sent in?

But what can we do but hurry up and wait?

One thought on “Hurry Up and Wait

  1. Comment from: John from Daejeon [Visitor]
    Don’t know if it will help, but you could point out your blog to them as it is pretty full of evidence going back over the years.
    06/12/11 @ 23:13

    Comment from: admin [Member]
    I’m pretty sure we’ll fine, but believe me, your idea has crossed my mind!
    06/12/11 @ 23:16

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