Without Duct Tape

Stony Man Hike Album

This weekend Good Man and I went out of town. Saturday night we spent the evening in Luray. The weather was hot and we dealt with a few thunderstorms.

Thunderstorm Panorama


Sunday morning we got up early (which is so unlike us) so we could go hiking. We went to Shenandoah National Park and did the Stony Man Trail.

We were on the trail by 9:15 am. On the way into the park, we saw a doe by the side of the road. On the trail we heard a woodpecker that we frustratingly could not see. The mountain laurels were in full bloom, too.

View From Stony Man Mountain

Mountain Laurels

Since we made it on the trail fairly early, there were very few people on the trail with us. The ones who were there were mostly polite.

Except for The Three Women.

The Three Women would not stop talking. Loudly. About European trips, whether or not Africans are made for cold weather, about other hikes…

At one point Good Man looked at me and said, “여자 셋 명이 모이면 접시가 깨진다.” He dramatically simplified the translation to “those women need to shut up.”

We were ahead of them on the path and heard them coming up long before we could see them. I stopped to take some photos. I stopped for a very long time. Speaking Korean, I said to Good Man, “Let’s wait.” He nodded. We gave them about ten minutes space so we could enjoy the peace.

Good Man Sleeps on Little Stony Man Mountain


We found the Passamaquoddy Trail that completed the loop a little rough. It was rocky and close to the edge of the mountain, so I was a little nervous, but it was fine.

I also ended up using our first aid kit for the first time. I was wearing convertible pants and something started rubbing against my leg.

“We need duct tape,” I said playing with the zipper on my pants, “then I could cover whatever this annoying thing is.”

“You are so Minnesota country girl,” he said.

“No, I’m not.”

Good Man shrugged, “OK, you are so American. You Americans love duct tape.”

“Ah! Scissors! It’s the zipper tape.”

“We don’t have scissors, except for your sewing scissors in the car.”

I mentally ran through the contents of my backpack, punctuated the air with my pointer finger and said, “The first aid kit!”

A small snip of the zipper tape later and the problem was fixed. I felt like a good Girl Scout.

Shelf Fungus

We finished the circuit hike in about 2 1/2 hours and had some lunch before heading home. I noticed Good Man’s eyes were really heavy, so I offered to drive. But after ten miles I realized my eyes were heavy, too.

I pulled over into a picnic area and stopped the car. “We’re napping for an hour,” I said.

And so we did, before finally leaving the park for good.