TOPIK Results

The TOPIK results were posted today, and I’m pleased with my score. They pretty much came in where I expected they would from the practice tests, with the exception of writing.

Grammar/Vocab: 87
Writing: 79
Listening: 90
Reading: 86

Average: 85.5

So I passed the advanced beginner phase with a pretty solid score. (To get an advanced beginner, you need nothing lower than a 50, and an average of 70.)

I was surprised that all four areas were so close, and the 79 in writing shocked me. I was aiming to get something in the low 60s, and for the rest of my scores to yank up my average for me. I ended up brainstorming and doing a rough draft in the margins of my test before actually writing it down on the document, and I’m glad I did, because I would not have gotten a 79 cold.

Operation Immigration: Round Two

Alright. Today I mailed off the I-751 application for Good Man’s ten-year green card. As proof of our ongoing relationship, and as part of the application, I sent:

1) I-751 application and fee ($590)
2) Copy of Good Man’s passport and visa
3) Copy of Good Man’s green card (front and back)
3) Federal tax returns (filed jointly) for years 2010 and 2009
4) Proof that I’m the beneficiary of Good Man’s life insurance policy
5) Copy of joint bank account statements (one each year from 2011, 2010, 2009)
6) Joint credit card statement
7) Copy of our joint car insurance policy
8) Copy of our renter’s insurance policy
9) Copy of our joint health insurance cards
10) Copy of our joint dental insurance cards
11) Copy of our AAA cards showing joint membership
12) Copy of our bowling league standing sheet
13) Letter from my mom
14) Letter from Mark
15) Photocopies of our passports showing join trips to Canada, South Korea, and Sweden

The bowling league thing was something I threw in there for fun. The government is primarily interested in knowing how your lives are financially entangled, but they also like knowing you present yourself as a couple in public.

Hopefully that will be enough.