Umbrella Dealer

Mother has at least a dozen umbrellas in the closet. Only two people live here for the majority of the year. Mother goes to various banks quite often.

I can only conclude that Mother is dealing in the underground umbrella trade.

“사고 팔고, 사고 팔고…” I teased her with today. Buy and sell and buy and sell.

“No, no, it’s [Sister]! She never listens when I say to bring an umbrella.”

“Ummhmmm. I know your secret,” I stage whispered.

“Oh my God, oh my goodness!” Mother said, laughing.


Today Mother and I went out with a friend of hers for lunch. A three-hour long lunch where I was peppered with questions such as:

  • Why did you decide to marry Good Man?
  • Will you be like a Korean mother or an American mother?
  • What is the biggest difference between Korea and America?
  • What is Good Man’s best trait?

The questions continued on for three hours.

Afterward, I took a nap; my head hurt.