Sexy, Lusty Me

“Amanda! Come eat breakfast!” Mother called.

I dragged myself into the kitchen, coughing from a cold I caught. “This looks delicious,” I said.

“Your voice sounds terrible.”

“This is my sexy voice.”

Mother looked at me, “What? Your sexy voice?”

“Yeah, my sexy voice.” I made my eyelids heavy and glanced at Mother sideways. “‘Hello…boyfriend'” I said, winking dramatically.

“Oh my God, oh my goodness, Amanda!”


“What did you buy?” Mother asked after Sister and I returned from a massive shopping trip on Monday, Korean Independence Day.

I dumped out the bags (minus the Oreos, which I’d hidden in my room so Sister and I could share them later) and we went through everything. I brought out two solid perfumes I’d picked up at Lush and Sister and I talked about the different scents.

“They had a scent called Lust, but it smelled terrible,” I said.

Sister agreed, “It smelled like a urinal cake.”

“Not like lust,” I said, shaking my head.

“What is lust?”

I thought for a minute. For some reason I had expected this word would be Konglishized. Sister pulled up the dictionary on her handphone and her eyes grew large.

I said, “When two people love each other very much,” I put on a dramatic voice and threw my arms out like I was greeting a long-gone lover, “‘I love you!’ ‘I love you, too!’ ‘You don’t need to wear clothing!’ ‘Yes!'”

Mother and Sister were both laughing hard. Finally Mother said, “Oh my God, Amanda, you have a talent.”

One thought on “Sexy, Lusty Me

  1. Comment from: Helena [Visitor] ยท

    I remember one of my mission companions once asking me something about circumcision. I just didn’t have the words.
    08/21/11 @ 23:58

    Comment from: admin [Member]
    Considering that Mother has lectured me on condoms and how I should feed Good Man lots of tomatoes so he doesn’t get testicular cancer, maybe I will ask her why Koreans wait until puberty or so to do circumcision…
    08/22/11 @ 00:15

    Comment from: Lu [Visitor]
    OMG: “I love you! You don’t need to wear clothes!” That’s the cutest description of “lust” I’ve ever heard. I realize it’s probably because it’s English translated to Korean and back to English. ;-)
    08/22/11 @ 03:08

    Comment from: admin [Member]
    Honestly, it was the best way I could think to describe it to my mother-in-law. If it had been to same-age friends, maybe my description would have been different. :D
    08/22/11 @ 09:23

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