Hurricane Irene Takes Aims at My Truck

I got home Tuesday night, missing the 5.8 earthquake that struck the area by a few hours. And this weekend we dealt with Hurricane Irene.

So. Apparently I will not be waiting a year to get a new car.

Irene’s Wake

Where’s the Branch?

Hand in the Cab!

Cracked Windshield

From the Passenger Side

We weren’t able to find the branch that caused that damage.

The Blue Book value on my car is only about $2500 (and that’s being generous) so I didn’t have comp on it. I’m not going to bother to pay for repairs considering the value of the car, its age (a ’99), the fact that the rear leaf spring needs to be repaired… No, this is a sign that I need to get a new (used) car.

Good Man will be out of town this week, and preplanning starts at school, but luckily I found several coworkers who are willing to carpool with me.

Good Man and I went for a ~3.5 mile walk around the neighborhood. We saw one downed line (it looked like cable, not power), and a downed robin’s nest. We saw no other property damage. Why my truck? (Good Man’s car was right next to mine and doesn’t even have a scratch on it; we have comp on his car!)

But hey! I will get air con! And a CD player and/or USB hookup! A car with air con, a dream come true!