Herb Park

Mother and I went to Herb Park one day while it was raining. We were the only ones at the park for a few minutes, before a couple showed up, walking slowly and carrying an umbrella.

“Amanda,” Mother said, pulling up a word on the dictionary on her hand phone, “불륜.” She held her phone out.

Illicit love affair, I read. I laughed, “How do you know?”

Mother nodded, “I know. I can tell. They are too old to be unmarried, and married people do not act like that.”

“Maybe they were both in medical school and that took too much time, so now they are dating.”

Mother looked at me and shook her head, “This is not a TV show, Amanda.”

I wrote several times about going to Herb Park (which I also called Herb Garden). It became an important place on my trip to Korea, so of course I took photos. For the record, the official name is Mt. Iljasan Herb Astronomy Park.

Field Behind the Middle School and High School

This field is where Good Man used to catch frogs and go ice skating. Now it’s farm land.


For a period of time, this building had a giant, flowered truck in front of it. It was awesome, but I never got a picture of it.

The slogan across the top reads “Once a Marine, Always a Marine.” At this “station,” former Marines volunteer to police the area and “catch students” (according to Good Man). We mostly just saw them cooking food over a fire in the back.

Discarded Baduk Tiles

Water Tank

Mural on the Water Tank

The park is built on top of a water tank. I wish the water tanks near my home were as interesting as this one!

Women Friendly Seoul

Women Friendly Seoul is a movement to make Seoul more woman-friendly, which means helping women find jobs (cool), making more bathrooms for women (I can see how that’s useful), making sidewalks high-heel friendly (hmm?), and painting parking spots pink (seriously?). It also involves making female-friendly public spaces, and apparently this park was one of them.

When I asked Mother why it was “women friendly,” she said because it smelled good.


Herb Park

The sculpture welcomes you to the park. which features ~120 herbs and a ~220 meter track. There is an alternate way into the water tank, off to the left of the frame.

Face-Sized Flowers


These flowers were as large as my face.

Green Roof

There is a path from the park down to campgrounds and an exercise area with exercise machines. The campground buildings feature a green roof.

Mother and I spent a lot of time at Herb Garden, enjoying the breeze.