No Dinner for You, Barbie!

“Hey! Honey!” I called out, “Listen to me or I will… I will… I will not cook you dinner!” It was a stretch, and of course a lie.

Good Man grinned and patted his stomach. “It is a good thing I already had mealtime then!”


I made up our lunches for tomorrow, using lunch boxes with four trays in them. I filled one tray with black beans. I filled the second tray with some cheese, covered it in parchment paper (to keep the cheese from drying out), and then put a small sauce container filled with homemade salsa verde over the paper.

“Tomorrow I’ll put rice in one section, and honeydew in the other. I’ll send some [homemade] tortillas in wrapped in foil, OK?”

Good Man smiled, “It is like Barbie lunch!”

“It’s enough food isn’t it?”

“Yes, but it is so cute, it is like Barbie lunch!”

“Barbie is too skinny,” I said, “she doesn’t eat.”