Dinosaur Land!

Good Man and I went out of town for my birthday this weekend. We went to West Virginia via I-66, and stopped for a brief break at Dinosaur Land.

When I was younger, I ended up going on a lot of road trips. Road trips with family, debate trips, whatever. Visiting places like Nowhere, Iowa or Wall, South Dakota or Orange, Florida (with a giant orange store) were staples of the trips. Eventually you’ve gotta get out of the car, and you may as well have fun while you stretch your legs. Tourist junk, cheap t-shirts, and pure cheese. It’s part of the Great American Experience in my mind.

Good Man, however, has never really experienced the pure joy and cheese of Roadside America.

I paid our $5 each ticket fee and we started the “self-guided” tour. As soon as we saw the trees, Good Man said, “How in the world did you find this place?”

On the web!”

Eventually I’ll put all the photos in a trip album, but these are the cheesiest highlights. And really, that’s what we all want to see: the cheese.

Really, Honey?

Inside a 60′ Shark

“There Are So Many Dinos…”

This is How It’s Done

Fistless Fist Bump

Dinosaur Land Teaches Life Lesson #1: Death Happens

Good Man’s New Buddy

Praying Mantis Me


He Got Me!

Oh, No, Not King Kong!

One thought on “Dinosaur Land!

  1. Comment from: Amyable [Visitor]
    Do you guys have a couples’ jackets? That’s so Korean! :P
    09/25/11 @ 22:39

    Comment from: Helena [Visitor] · http://wedoitthehardway.blogspot.com/
    Ha! My daughter would get a kick out of that. (I like the mantis!)
    09/26/11 @ 01:28

    Comment from: admin [Member]
    Amy, they’re actually not the same jacket, nor are they the same color, but they do look mighty frickin’ similar, I know.

    Helena, Dinosaur Land is awesome. Even Good Man got into it after a while, as you can see. I think kids who like dinos would be into it from the get-go.
    09/26/11 @ 06:36

    Comment from: Diana [Visitor] · http://www.going-places-blog.com/
    There’s something almost Korean “theme land” about this place…
    09/26/11 @ 10:11

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