Run for Wounded Warriors

Yesterday morning, Good Man and I woke up early (way too early) to do a 4.7-mile run around Burke Lake. The run benefited the Wounded Warrior Project, which helped my brother out when he was injured in Afghanistan.

I sent Good Man all of the info beforehand, and he approved of it, but I don’t think he actually read anything…

“Are some people running?”

“Most people are running,” I said, “but they’re walker-friendly. I emailed and checked.”

“So why are we here?” he asked.

It was early, and it was cold. I thought for a moment. Good question, Good Man. Finally I said, “Because we can either walk around our neighborhood or walk somewhere new and help a good cause.”

“OK, that makes sense.”

It was our first visit to the lake, and it was a nice little loop, albeit a bit muddy and cool. As we got to the finish line, the volunteers screamed, “Yeah!! Come on walkers, you can do it!”

Um, yeah, just because we’re not running doesn’t mean we can’t handle a 4.7 mile walk.