Well, That Was Weird

Yesterday was…weird.

8:30 am
My car moved itself during the night so I could not find it in the morning. I always park on one side of the lot, and I pull in. My car was backed into a position on the other side of the lot.

It turned out the towing company that polices our complex’s lot managed to tow it by mistake, then brought it back, and backed it into a different spot.

9:00 am
Showed up late to work. Discovered that in two different shipments, the book club I get books for my students through had sent me 26 additional books I didn’t order. Called them. They had no idea what I was talking about.

10:00 am
Walked by a student’s desk and he said to me very dreamily, “You’re really pretty today, Ms.”

“Thank you,” I replied, a bit confused. I was wearing jeans, ratty sneaks, and a cute but loose sweater.

10:13 am
In a circle activity, students did very well, so I told them to give their right-hand partner a pat on the back. The student standing next to me, a boy, patted my ass four times before I finally said, “Please stop patting my bottom.”

10:16 am
While talking about acting, voice, and expression, the student sitting cross the circle from me (also a boy), dramatically blew me a huge kiss.

10:17 am
I slipped into a daydream, wondering if pheromones are real.

4:13 pm
I asked the office if I got a package I was supposed to get. The office said no. I looked around and found my package in the outgoing mail box with the local post office’s address circled. “Wrong Address” one of the secretaries had written.

My name and the school’s address were both clearly marked on the package.