Good Man teases me because I find money all the time on our walks. Good Man will also entirely ignore things. He’ll notice them, comment (“There’s a buck on the ground”) and do nothing about it. I am not like that.

I am a magpie.

A few weeks ago, I found a laser level in the middle of the street. It worked! Awesome. Good Man groaned and rolled his eyes, “Why are you always picking things up?”

This past weekend, I found a foam hockey puck in the street. It has the Capitals’ logo on it, and I have a friend who loves the Caps, so I’ll be sending it to her. Since Good Man had pockets, I made him carry the puck home.

This morning I went on my walk alone (Good Man had an early-morning work engagement). It was rainy (the entire fall season has been rainy!) and right before I walked into our door I found a Subway gift card on the ground. I figured it was trash but picked it up to check the balance online.

It had $5 on it. Hey, not much, but I just got paid $5 to walk.

Being a magpie can be useful.

One thought on “Score!

  1. Comment from: rhi [Visitor] ·
    hey five dollar foot long!
    10/23/11 @ 16:45

    Comment from: admin [Member]
    Rhi, that is EXACTLY what more than one coworker said to me. We used it today, went on a 2-mile walk to Subway, ate lunch, came home. Didn’t find any money or gift cards or pucks today, though.
    10/23/11 @ 17:01

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