Clean Car

You should always keep your car clean.

You never know when you’re going to be interrupted while doing four hours straight of back-to-back parent-student-teacher conferences to be told that you need to move your car because the construction workers are dragging pieces of the school down the street and your car is in the way.

(Yes, I really did mean “dragging pieces of the school down the street.”)

Because when that happens, and one of the parents offers to move your (new to you, aptly named Irene) car, there’s really no other answer than “that would be great, thank you so much.”

And if the car is clean, you don’t need to worry about incriminating evidence of your wild hiking trips or soda-filled weekend car trips.

One thought on “Clean Car

  1. Comment from: λΉ„ [Visitor]
    On the other hand, you’re Amanda. You’ve got half-a-million fun activities on the side of your day job. Why bother cleaning?

    11/10/11 @ 10:11

    Comment from: admin [Member]
    Wow, you perfectly summed up how I feel about cleaning the house. ;)
    11/10/11 @ 22:33

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