Perfect Timing

I end up with a lot of Korean books through a former co-worker’s daughter, who volunteers at a library. All of her library’s Korean discards end up in my hands.

Which is great, except when my Korean bookshelf (yes, I have an entire bookshelf dedicated to Korean/about Korea books) is overflowing and I am covering a bookshelf worth of space next to it with more books.

Good Man and I sat down and pulled out a bunch of books for Diana’s (growing) family. But that only took care of one box of books…

I emailed a coworker and asked if her parents attend a Korean church, thinking maybe I could pass them on and her parents could bring them to church. No dice.

Good Man came home last week and said one of his co-workers had randomly asked him if he had any Korean books she could borrow. Awesome! So we sat down and pulled out two-and-a-half boxes worth of Korean books.

When she came over to get them, she was so thankful. I said, “I don’t know what kind of books you like, but I know when I was in Korea, I read all sorts of English-language books I would never read, just because they were in English.”

“Yes, yes,” she said, “exactly. And if you get more…um…please let me know!”

In a few weeks, I’m set to meet up with my old co-worker for another set of books. I wonder how many I can pass off to Diana and Good Man’s co-worker…