“I Think We Might Get Shot.”

This weekend, Good Man and I were supposed to go on a hike at a state park on Pennsylvania. We’d get to see one of three iron bridges on the state, there were few trails, so it’d be hard to get lost. Sounds great, right?

Except that the park was undeveloped, which meant no rangers and no toilets, and every single car we passed was full of hunters in blaze orange.

We don’t own blaze orange.

I looked at Good Man, who was managing the car quite well on a pot-holed old state road and said, “You know, I think if we hike, we might get shot. I’d go off in the woods to do my business, and then I’d get shot.”

Good Man nodded, “I think so.”

So instead, Good Man and I went to the fossil pit. Shortly after we started searching for fossils, we heard gunshots.

Good Man looked at me. “No hiking.”

House Falling Down Near Swatara State Park

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