Hershey’s Creator

We went to Pennsylvania for Good Man’s birthday last weekend. After we managed to Not Get Shot, we went to Hersheypark and explored the glorious land of milk chocolate.

These cows on our fake factory tour ride emphasized the milk part.

Singing Cows

Peanut Butter Cups!

Good Man

Say Cheese!

After our freebie ride, we bought the opportunity to make our own chocolate bar. We had to wear a hair net, gloves because of our wedding rings (even though we never actually touched chocolate), and an apron.

Using a computer, we chose our base (milk, chocolate, dark). Then we chose up to three inclusions (if I remember correctly, the options that day were raspberry bits, pretzel, toffee, nuts, chocolate chips), and if we wanted sprinkles or not.

We watched the chocolate bar being made on a conveyor belt before going off to design our wrapper while the bar was cooling.

Then we were able to watch the bar being boxed up and labeled with the creation date, our names, and our zip codes (the info was encoded in our ticket).

It was pretty cool!

Looking Like Mother

Fake Chocolate Maker

Good Man’s Bar

Shake, Shake, Shake on My Bar

Coated in Milk Chocolate

Good Man’s Sprinkles

Good Man

My Custom Bar

Chocolate Stacks

Setting Sun

Heading Home