Gettysburg Jeong

“Why are you crying?” Good Man asked at Gettysburg.

I shook my head, “I don’t know. I have too much jeong with dead people. Is there a Korean word for ‘jeong with dead people?’ It seems like there would be.”

Good Man thought for a moment, “Confucianism, dude. No lie, Confucianism.”


The last day of our weekend trip to Pennsylvania for Good Man’s birthday was a visit to Gettysburg National Military Park. We planned to just go for a short walk, but when we got there we ended up paying to see a movie, view the cyclorama, and visit the museum.

Good Man Hanging with Lincoln

The cyclorama was really neat, and I was glad Good Man talked me into buying the tickets.

During the experience (show?) I spotted a very young child of about six dressed in Union Blue and holding his hat over his heart, watching the cyclorama very intently. And I started crying. There was something so touching about what he was doing. It reminded me of a young JFK Jr at his father’s funeral.


Cyclorama II

The museum was extensive and exhausting. About halfway through, we both looked at each other and sort of nodded. It was time to move on but every exit sign we followed just led to…another room in the exhibit. We eventually ended up doubled over, laughing, wondering when it would end.

Afterward, we bought some lunch and then walked down to the cemetery. It was quiet, cool, overcast, and beautiful.

Good Man’s Angelic Carrot

Good Man

Green and Purple

Purple and Gold


Pennies at the Cemetery

Near the Minnesota Section

Gettysburg Address Memorial Site

Pennies in Stars

Farm and Tree

Stone Wall