My Enemy

“Why isn’t your enemy here?” Good Man asked at a quasi-school event we walked Saturday morning.

“My enemy?” I asked, confused.

“Your boss.”

“She’s not my enemy,” I said.

“First thing I learned in the military! Your boss is your enemy! It is not North Korea, oh no, it is your boss!”

One thought on “My Enemy

  1. Comment from: John from Daejeon [Visitor]
    I’d have to agree with Good Man on this one for the most part.

    I’ve had several bosses (including my father) that did whatever they could to sabotage me from taking better positions elsewhere or in claiming my work as their own. However, I have had a couple that I could count on to have my back for the most part and one of them was my previous one here in Daejeon.
    12/06/11 @ 21:44

    Comment from: admin [Member]
    I have had a few very good bosses, and a few very bad bosses. It seems like there is really no in-between.
    12/11/11 @ 00:44

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