Making Fish Pastries at Home

“Oh my God! A 붕어 빵 thingy!”

Yes indeed, yesterday I bought an iron to make red bean paste fish pastries! Yes, I spent $20 on something completely ridiculous, and I don’t care!

Long time readers might remember this flash card. In Korean, when two people look alike (like a mother and daughter), you say they look like these cakes, because the cakes are made with a mold.

While I was fawning over the iron, an older white male, Korean female couple (I presume based on his Korea War Vet baseball cap, her accent, and the fact that we were in a Korean grocery store) stopped. The woman thanked me because she had been looking for an egg mold and my exclamations over the fish grill helped her find the egg mold. Then the man looked at Good Man said, “Do you generally let her buy what she wants?”

Good Man laughed and nodded, “Yes.”

“That’s what I do, too,” he said.

The wife laughed and said, “That is the key to a happy marriage!”

Today I made some fish pastries using banana waffle crusts and chocolate filling and cream cheese filling. Ooooh, so delicious.

Frowning Chocolate Fish

“Ahh! You’re squishing me!” Cream Cheese Fish

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