“The Ocean.”

I work with a woman whose parents immigrated from Korea before she was born. We weren’t on the same team last year, but this year we are, and we’re getting along quite well. I gave her some kimchi last year and she later told me her aunt and mother were amazed a white woman made kimchi so well.

It’s nice having someone on the team who “gets” my experiences in Korea. She complained that a hat was too small and I said, “Yeah, cause your head is big.” The rest of the team thought I was joking, but I was just pulling out that old Korean line about how Koreans have big heads and she understand.

“I know, because Koreans have big heads!”

A few days ago she saw my fish pastry, and begged for one. I didn’t have any extras, and she put her hands together, and whined, “Nuna, Nuna…” (Yes, she calls me Nuna and not Eonni.)

The next day I stole into her room when she wasn’t there and left two ham and cheese filled fish pastries on her desk.

Twenty minutes later, I got an email.

Shut up! Omgeeeee, ham and cheese! AUGHHHHH! =D I CAN’T WAIT TO EAT IT!

My students asked me, “Where did you get the fish?””

Straight faced, “The ocean.”