Doll Destruction at the Hands of My Brother

I’ve been cleaning house, getting rid of some old things, and came across these.

I given this Care Bear for Christmas 1986, I am fairly sure. It was the Good Luck Care Bear and I loved its winking eye, which reminded me of frosting! I think it’s time to let it go.

Good Luck Care Bear

And then there was my beloved Cabbage Patch Kid, also received sometime around 1986 (although I don’t think for Christmas). Look at her, she’s dressed in the very first thing I wore as a baby. Awwwww…

Cabbage Patch Kid

But if you look closely, you can see the destruction that happened to her at the hands of my brother. He decided to drag fangs on her with an ink pen. Then, some adult (Mom, Dad, a babysitter who smoked like a chimney and had white walls stained yellow?) decided to fix the fangs by covering them with White Out. Yes, really.


And tell me, what in this world do I do to her poor hair??

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