That Was Disturbing/That Was Fun

On Tuesday night, Good Man and I went out with a coworker of mine to see Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I haven’t read it and was not expecting the extremely disturbing rape scenes.

Also, I know the MPAA is a ridiculous, political organization, but how did Dragon get an R and Lust, Caution get an NC-17?


Last night we went out with Good Man’s coworker and her brother. We had Korean food and spoke in a strange blend of Korean and English to try and be inclusive of her brother.

At one point, Good Man was talking about the (North Korean) Kims and he was speaking in English. I said, “Why don’t you switch to Korean?”

“Then you won’t understand me.”

“Try.” He spoke in Korean and I waited until he was done. “Did you seriously just say the second son loves going to Eric Clapton concerts?”

“Oh! You understood!”