“Does This Make Up for Being Shot?”

Yesterday I spotted someone on the path down to the school, staring at the buildings with a camera or binoculars. Just as I was watching him, my intern came over and whispered, “That guy has been standing there a few minutes.” We went over the window, leaned forward and watched.

The man had what appeared to be a camera with a large zoom lens on it. He lifted the camera straight at us, held it there for a moment, then began walking down the path very quickly.

“I’m going to go to the office,” I said quietly. I peeled out of the room, burst into my principal’s office and said, “There’s some guy standing on the path with a zoom lens taking pictures of us, and when he saw us, he started walking away quickly.”

She dashed out of the door and told me to grab her radio. I ran after her with her walkie-talkie in hand, and she chased the guy down while I waited in the doorway. A few seconds later she called out, “It’s OK, it’s OK.”

I headed back up to my room, and a few minutes later the phone rang. It was my principal’s extension. “Sorry I overreacted,” I said.

She laughed, “No, it was kind of cute. He’s from the safety office, and he wanted me to thank you for not only noticing, but reacting.”


This morning, as my intern and I were entering the classroom, the man we saw left, with a few other county employees. My principal was with them.

“You’re that guy!” my intern said.

He laughed, “I am, and look,” he said, turning to my principal. She pulled out a photo. The man said, “When I found out you two reported me, I pulled the file up on my computer, and zoomed all the way in. There you are.”

There we were, two ghostly faces in the window. Two heads attached to one body.

“Awww, we look like a two-headed monster,” I said.

My intern held the photo closer. “You can’t see any of the kids in the room,” she said, “That’s good to know.”

“Thank you both for catching me,” he said.

I laughed and said to my principal, “Does this make up for us both ‘being shot’ at the lockdown drill?”

“You both got shot?”

“Yeah,” I said, “I was talking too loudly, and she closed the blinds before the doors.”

The safety office guy said, “I think this makes up for being shot.”

새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Yesterday Master posted told me this on Facebook.

아만다 잘 자내죠? 한국은 오늘이 설날이에요. 떡국먹는날. 아만다[가] 떡국 맛있게 만들어줘요~

Amanda are you well? Today it’s Korean New Year. It’s the day we eat rice cake soup. Amanda make some delicious rice cake soup.

Of course, Korea’s a half a day ahead, so today it’s Lunar New Year Eve. But I didn’t need Master to tell me what day it was! I had already bought some (brown!) rice cake disks for soup.

We were originally going to have some for lunch, but long story short, it ended up becoming an early dinner. Diana, Min Gi, and the baby came over. Mark was picking up his lover at the airport, and couldn’t come over for lunch, but when the schedule got messed up, they were able to come over for dinner.

The Spread

We had rice cake soup, mushroom bibimbap, spicy tofu, king oyster mushrooms, cucumbers, Asian pears, and dried seaweed. In this picture the table was set for four, but when we added two place settings and some wine, it was a true Korean spread, with dishes completely covering the table.

Good Man and Mark

Good Man found an interesting article with historical information about the military/dictatorship government, US puppet government, and Japanese colonizers government trying to get rid of Seollal.

The cartoon below (from 1980) shows most people walking toward “modernization” and “solar new year” and only a few people walking toward “lunar new year.”

As a piece of trivia, 2012 is the Year of the Dragon (specifically the water element), although in Kazakhstan it’s the Year of the…Snail.

Happy new year!

Beautiful Gift

A friend made this gorgeous shawl for me, and I got it around Christmas. It’s warm, soft, and a great color on me!

Huge, Gorgeous Shawl

All Wrapped Up

Pattern Details

Wind Picking Up

While we were taking the photos, the sun was setting, and I got this picture.

Setting Sun

Roast Chicken

Saturday night I roasted my first whole chicken. I’ve roasted bits and pieces before, but never a whole one. I think it turned out great! Next time I think I’m going to cook it for a little less time, though.

Roasted Chicken

We had it with peas, mashed potatoes, gravy, and clementines for dessert.

Last night I made a chicken-based version of cottage pie with it. I had enough left to freeze a pan for another week, which was nice.

Then I made five quarts of stock with the bones, except I must have overfilled the Mason jars (despite being careful) because four of them broke in the freezer. Grr.

Today I made chicken salad, and tomorrow I’ll probably make chicken curry. I was thinking of biscuits and chicken, but it’s so similar to chicken cottage pie. Then the bird will finally be used up!

Olympic Park with Sister

On July 30th, Sister and I went to Olympic Park to see an exhibit about Joseph Beuys, a German artist who used images of rabbits (and rabbit’s blood) in his artwork.

After we viewed the exhibit, we saw rabbits everywhere. It became a rabbit sort of day.

It had been raining a lot in the days before our visit, which was pretty obvious in some areas.

After the Rain



There was a vegetable garden in one area, complete with a trellis covered in squash. I love this idea!



Big Pumpkins

Marching Ants

Sculptures in the Pond

무궁화 (Hibiscus)


He Is Our Hero!

Don’t Grab the Rabbit by the Ears

Thirty Second Rule

When I can’t find something in the kitchen, I call for Good Man, who’s usually in the office. Then, just as he sets foot in the kitchen, I find whatever I need.

“I need to make a thirty second rule,” he said, “to wait.”


“여보! Where’s my menu planner for the week? I can’t find it!” I called from the living room.

Good Man dutifully came out and as soon as he appeared, I found it. I held it up triumphantly. “Dammit!” he said, “I need to do the Thirty Second Rule!”

Sit Up and Buy Groceries

“Come on, just a few more,” I said to Good Man while he was doing sit ups after we went for a walk.

“No, I don’t want to do more.”

“Come on, you were in the military. Surely you did more than this,” I replied.

Good Man scoffed. “We had a partner count for us, and I gave him food to get my way.”

Chili Tartar

“[Good Man], come pick out spices for the roasted potatoes.”

Good Man came into the kitchen, nodded and chose chili powder and…cream of tartar.

“Cream of tartar? That’s for baking cookies.”

“I don’t know what it is,” he said.

“Then why did you choose it?”

“It is edible, we will eat it!”