Roast Chicken

Saturday night I roasted my first whole chicken. I’ve roasted bits and pieces before, but never a whole one. I think it turned out great! Next time I think I’m going to cook it for a little less time, though.

Roasted Chicken

We had it with peas, mashed potatoes, gravy, and clementines for dessert.

Last night I made a chicken-based version of cottage pie with it. I had enough left to freeze a pan for another week, which was nice.

Then I made five quarts of stock with the bones, except I must have overfilled the Mason jars (despite being careful) because four of them broke in the freezer. Grr.

Today I made chicken salad, and tomorrow I’ll probably make chicken curry. I was thinking of biscuits and chicken, but it’s so similar to chicken cottage pie. Then the bird will finally be used up!