Bowling in the Ball and Chain League

Good Man and I are back to our Ball and Chain league on Friday nights. We’ve bowled three weeks so far. The first week I did terrible (88, 83, 114), but we still won two out of three games and the series. The second week I did much better, and we won all three games and the series (obviously). Last week we won two out of three and the series.

About half of the people are returnees from last year. But the most obnoxious team from last year hasn’t returned. They were horrible to bowl against. They cursed all the time, berated themselves no matter how much they were winning, and held up the games by getting up to smoke, chatting with uninvolved friends, getting beer, etc. I had already decided that any week we played against them, we’d just pre- or post-bowl, so I was happy to see they haven’t returned.

It’s also nice to have our standing Friday night date back. It’s one time during the week that Good Man can’t log on to do work!