Analog Wife Life

“Can you whisk this?” I asked Good Man, showing him how.

“Don’t we have a gadget for this?”

“Yeah, the whisk.”

Good Man scoffed. “This is not gadget! This is like ancient people killing an animal with a rock. This is no 2012 gadget. This is analog! My wife is analog!”


“OK, come on, time to review our savings goals,” I said to Good Man.

“Let me make coffee,” he said.

I settled down on our couch with printouts from our credit union and ING, a calendar, and a notebook and pen. When he sat down, I started in, “We’ve saved this much so far,” I said, pointing. “And you get paid three times in March, which means we should be able to save…”

I went through, making a list and predicting how much we could save in the next six months, accounting for the taxes we owe this year, the vacation we’re set to take in June, and increasing our 401k/457b withholdings.

Good Man stared at me. “Why are you using paper and pen? Why not make spreadsheet? Oh my God, you are so analog!”