Good Man Tells It Like It Is

“Look, there’s an arrow on that tree. You can climb it,” I said to Good Man when we were parking outside of a restaurant.

“No, that is for blind squirrels.”


“What is the title of this song? ‘You Don’t Have Grandma?’ … … Oh! ‘Sweet Home Alabama!'”


“Amanda, you look like a sad cucumber.”


“Oh, you smell so good. Like a soap-covered mushroom.”


“Oh my 음치 [tone deaf] wife, when you sing New Kids, it sounds like Bob Dylan.”

One thought on “Good Man Tells It Like It Is

  1. Comment from: Lu [Visitor]
    He is so funny. Both of you, with your explanations of the arrow on the tree. Good Man’s actually makes no sense, LOL, which is the best part.
    02/17/12 @ 21:41

    Comment from: admin [Member]
    Maybe he meant legally blind squirrels.

    My husband’s hilarious. He cracks me up.
    02/17/12 @ 22:35

    Comment from: Lu [Visitor]
    LOL. Legally blind squirrels. Do they wear those little blue hangtags around their necks?

    That’s the best; I love funny people. It’s amazing that he can use a second language in that way–my hunch is that he’s just as funny and playful with language in Korean.
    02/20/12 @ 00:03

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