Chicken Week!

Whole roasting chickens were on sale again this weekend (99 cents/lb), so Chicken Week returns to our house. Last night was roast chicken, tonight was chicken alfredo. I’m simmering some stock and tomorrow it’ll probably be chicken with gravy and rice.

In any case, the chicken looked good again, and Good Man was excited to eat it.

A Untrussed Chicken

Good Man Dances


I learned how to make the no-knead five-minute bread, and I am digging it, because it’s very versatile. A few nights ago (Valentine’s Day, actually), I made stromboli with it. I filled it with pizza sauce, pepperoni, and some mozzerella cheese. We had it with steamed broccoli and Good Man really liked it. It was very easy, although it sort of exploded in the oven.

Half the recipes I found said not to slash the bread, while half advised slashing. I fear what the oven would have looked like had I not slashed!

The rolled up “pizza” was really good, and not too salty. I need to keep some basic pizza topping ingredients on hand to avoid ordering out, because this ended up taking less time than ordering in, since the dough was already made and ready to go.


All Rolled Up

One thought on “Chicken Week!

  1. Comment from: Terry [Visitor]
    … so how do you make “no-knead five-minute bread”? ^^
    02/21/12 @ 02:43

    Comment from: admin [Member]
    Terry, I’ll post pictures of the steps, soon, but if you Google “five minute bread Mother Earths News” a link with several recipes should pop up! It had a bit of a learning curve, but I really like this bread!

    (Also, I think I unintentionally ignored your last email. I need to find it again. Sorry about that.)
    02/21/12 @ 07:40

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