American Life

“If you had no shame, you could write about the crappy television you watch,” Good Man declared, laughing.


I haven’t been blogging as much lately, and I’ve been thinking about why for a few days. Fortunately, I do have shame, so Good Man’s suggestion is out.

When I was in Korea, I often said that life in Korea was hard, so it was interesting, whereas life in America was easy so it was boring. Of course, when we first moved here and I was going through reverse culture shock, it wasn’t easy, and I ached to go back to Korea.

For years this blog has unintentionally been about change. Moving to Korea, changing jobs within Korea, learning Korean, earning black belts, meeting Good Man, moving back, dealing with reverse culture shock (me) and culture shock (Good Man), planning a wedding, dealing with immigration, Good Man’s graduation, becoming a two-income household, getting a new endorsement…

But things have settled.

Although there are things I would change, I really like my job. Since I am now in my fourth year with the district, I am finally on a continuing contract (no, that’s not tenure, since I live in a right-to-work state). I am so glad I rediscovered my passion for gifted education soon after returning to the US. It gave me something to focus my energies on, and it gave me room to grow in my job.

Good Man works all the damn time (can’t take the Korean out of Korea?) but he is respected and liked at his job, and I know he feels a real sense of pride in what he does. And we suspect his job has a lot of room for growth.

We’ve lived in this apartment for over 3 1/2 years now. I realized that a few weeks ago and it surprised me. I think I lived in one apartment in Atlanta for about this long, but that was about eight years ago.

Our three-year wedding anniversary is this year (March or July, take your pick). And about our relationship? I want to blog every little joke, every detail. But those moments are private, between us, and about us. And besides, what would be the point?

There are some major changes we want to make sooner rather than later (three weeks ago would have been nice!). And I’m researching/reading/pre-worrying about these changes. But they’re not topics I feel comfortable blogging about right now.

I expected that settling in America would be just that—settling for what was available, giving something up. Instead I’ve found that we’re not settled here because there’s nothing better; we’re settled here because this is the right place for us as a family right now.