Finally! Approved!

Around 5 pm today, when I was coaching Odyssey of the Mind, Good Man called.

“Where are you?”

“Work, OM, you?”

“Home. When are you coming home?”

I checked the clock. “About 40 minutes, why?”

“I got the approval letter. I will get the green card in 60 days. Let’s go out to dinner to celebrate tonight.”

Finally! If today weren’t a leap day, it would be nine months exactly since we sent the file off. He’s finally approved!

One thought on “Finally! Approved!

  1. Comment from: Jason [Visitor] ·
    Congrats! We are still waiting:)
    03/01/12 @ 00:05

    Comment from: admin [Member]
    Yeah, you just recently did the biometrics, right? Good Man did his back in July, right after I left for Korea.

    It’s a long wait, and I was worried that since we didn’t send in official tax transcripts, we would get an RFE. But we didn’t. Must have been the bowling league score sheet that pushed them into no RFE. Ha ha ha!
    03/01/12 @ 08:22

    Comment from: Judith [Visitor]
    OMG you coach Odyssey of the Mind!! I was in it in 10th and 11th grade! :) In 11th grade we placed 2nd in States and went to Worlds. Most amazing experience ever! Will have my memories from OM for life! What problem do you have this year??
    03/02/12 @ 18:53

    Comment from: admin [Member]
    Ha ha. I think I was in it in fourth grade. I coach it with a coworker I really like because we were talked into it. The team is made up entirely of my students from last year, which is enjoyable.

    Our problem:

    Problem 5: Odyssey Angels
    Divisions I, II, III & IV
    The team will create and present a performance where a group of students travel throughout one or more team-created places where they encounter negative situations. These “Odyssey Angels” change what they find and turn them into positive situations. On their journey, they help two individuals with different problems and help save an entire community from a bad situation. One Odyssey Angel cannot speak, and another has a special team-created power.
    03/02/12 @ 19:21

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