Resolutions: February Update

Here’s how I’m doing on my resolutions so far. Nothing has really changed since January.

1) To walk/hike 1,000 miles.
My PF seems to be calming down (seems being the key word). I’m still getting in Callanetics and bowling, and despite not getting to walk as much as I want, I’m feeling pretty good.

2) To sew up more fabric than I buy.
I bought no fabric. I also sewed no fabric. So I’m still in the red 22 5/8 yards of fabric for the year.

3) To menu plan every single week.
In January I wrote that our dining bill fell 71% compared to the last three months of 2011, and our overall food bill dropped 25%. Well, in February we ended up eating out more, but our dining bill was still down 60% compared to the three-month average. And our total food bill dropped 43%.

I’m not sure how we managed to get by with so few groceries during February. The roasted chicken (which ended being stretched into a week’s worth of meals, with frozen leftovers!) helped. Also, I had a lot of root vegetables stored from January.

In any case, this month will be a bit odd, I’m sure, because we have a special guest staying with us for a few weeks. I’m really excited about it, too. *^^*