Pizza Party!

Back in January, when I watched Good Man try to cut a half an onion with the flat side up, I tried to sign us up for a knife skills class through community education. Unfortunately, the knife skills class was full. Instead, we decided to sign up for a pizza-making class.

On Saturday we had our class. It was a neat class, and the teacher (“Chef Matt“) was interesting, funny, and patient. We worked in groups of four and made dough (which we each took home for later use), pizza sauce, and finally, the pizza.

He started with a lecture about bread making and pointed to the KitchenAid stand mixers we’d be using. He said he wasn’t going to tell us to buy one, but they were nice to have. I joked, “Please tell us we need to buy one.”

Well, Good Man used it, and apparently it hit on his gadget side, because while we were kneading the dough he was saying, “Don’t you think we need one of those? I could make bread!”

“You don’t cook.”

“I would if I had that gadget! That gadget is great!”

(I think Good Man watched too much Inspector Gadget as a kid…)

We learned how to hand toss the pizzas, and I must say, Good Man completely beat me. His pizza was beautifully round, the right thickness, and just about perfect.

The only thing that went wrong was that he burned his hand on the oven. Next time we take a cooking class, we’ll bring our own oven mitts, since they just had flimsy, too-thin hot pads.

My pizza, on the other hand…well, it tasted good, even if it wasn’t too pretty.

Good Man patted me on the shoulder. “You should just retire. And I will be the pizza maker in the house.”

“Good, you can start next weekend. And I even have some more bread books at home you can explore.”

“No, no, only if we get gadget!”

Good Man Enjoys His Pizza

My Imperfect Pizza