Sister vs Brother

Sister and Good Man “Fight”

Tonight Sister and I made roasted chicken with roasted veggies, fresh bread, and gravy. Good Man asked what was in the gravy.

“Butter, flour, chicken juices, pepper, and a secret.”

“What’s the secret?”

“I know the secret,” Sister said, smiling.

Good Man raised his eyebrows. “Spit?”

Sister twisted up her face, sighed and rolled her eyes. Finally! Someone who understands what I go through!


Yesterday Sister and I went shopping. We stopped by Ross and tried on some dresses. The 70s are back, it seems, with the number of caftan-ish things we saw. (The massive eye shadow ads are another sign.)

I pulled out a jersey knit dress and Sister said it would be too low cut. I promised it wouldn’t be if she wore a tank under it, and she’d need to, because it was thin. It was $11 and looked great.

The weird sleeves on this thing, however, made me get my Angry Flying Dinosaur look on.

I did not buy it.

Angry Flying Dinosaur Dress