Sewing Projects (M5974 and Car Trash Bag)

I finally started sewing again.

I sewed my first knit dress back in December and finally finished the hemming in Febraury. Unfortunately, since I cut and sewed everything before January, I can’t count the yardage toward my resolution.

McCall’s 5974

This is McCall’s 5974 in a cotton double-knit I bought at G Street on their $2.97/yard table. It was my first knit dress. I originally tried it in a black slinky fabric, which was just plain stupid.

It’s a fake wrap dress. The crossing in the front comes from wrap ties, but the dress isn’t a wrap dress. I didn’t use a zipper, shortened the sleeves (which were eight hundred feet long), and changed the shoulder gathers to an inverted box pleat.

I like the dress fairly well, but the ties are supposed to wrap around the front and I think that added too much bulk. I think my fabric choice was a little poor because it’s a bit heavy. But it was cotton, and that was my main desire since the cotton was easier to work with than polyester.

Still, the color is great, and the neckline is completely work appropriate. I like that I don’t risk falling out of it.

For my first knit dress (done on a sewing machine only, since I don’t own a serger), I think this turned out pretty well. I wore it to work today (see the industrial school floor in this photo) and got a lot of compliments on it, so I guess it wears well in public!

This dress cost about $15 all told when you count fabric, thread, and needles.


In my truck, I had an old trash bag. The original loop (if there was one?) was gone and my mom wrapped it around the stick with an old stretchy head band. Well, the bag is at least ten years old, and gross, and I don’t have a stick to wrap the trash bag around in Irene.

So I used a piece of canvas remnant fabric from Joann’s to make a bag. I lined it with…a broken umbrella! I have had this broken umbrella sitting around for about a year, and thought it would be a good trash bag lining material.

Car Trash Bag


Working Hard

This was a dead simple project, except that sewing the lining down was rough going, probably because it was just a strange, slippery fabric that wouldn’t press! You can see that the lining is less than perfect in the photos.

If I were smarter, I would have turned the whole bag inside out and sewn it with the lining on the outside (facing the needle, not the feed dogs).

Total cost came to under $3, and that’s generously overestimating the cost of the remnant.

I used ~1/3 a yard of fabric for this project.

Of course… On Sunday I bought a yard of fabric. So I’m still up for the year. Darn.

Good Man thought my whole project was odd.

“You really sewed a trash bag for your car?”


Finally, two photos from this evening’s walk.



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