Sewing Sister

I took the day off of work today and spent it teaching Sister how to sew. I don’t know much about sewing, but I know enough to teach her the basics.

Sister Sewing

Last weekend we found this great fabric at G Street on their $2.97/yard sales table. It had a mistake in the print, so she ended up getting an entire yard for $2.23 before tax.

Kitchen Print

This was a pattern-less, torn fabric sort of thing. I pressed and told her where to sew so she could just practice making straight lines. It turned out great!

(And I want my own personal presser now.)

Sister’s apron has three pockets across the front and a drawstring waist. It used about a half a yard of the fabric, and we have enough to make bread bags.

Finished Apron

While she was sewing, I set about fixing this penguin clock. I bought origami clock kits at the paper museum Paul and I visited together. Sister and I spent an evening making clocks this summer while watching Korean pop music. I made a penguin, and she made a bear.

Unfortunately, it is still running slowly. Maybe I need a new battery?

Penguin Clock

One thought on “Sewing Sister

  1. Comment from: rhiannon [Visitor] ยท
    you are so crafty!
    03/20/12 @ 12:49

    Comment from: admin [Member]
    I have always enjoyed making things. I learned plastic canvas and simple embroidery (which the pattern behind it, or the patterns that are painted on the cavas) at 6, counted cross-stitch at 9, crocheting at 11, knitting at 21, and sewing at…well, I’m still learning that!
    03/27/12 @ 21:55

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