Early Spring

We’re having a very, very early spring, which makes for a lot of pollen, a screwy growing season, and some great photography opportunities.

It also means Sister got to see nearly-peak blooms over two weeks early at the Cherry Blossom Festival today.

I, however, did not get to go to the festival today since I was at work. These photos are from Williamsburg.



Early Spring


Purple I

Purple II

One thought on “Early Spring

  1. Comment from: HL [Visitor]
    Wow! I really like “Blooming” and “Magnolia”, but they’re all great photos.
    03/26/12 @ 12:07

    Comment from: admin [Member]
    Thanks! I like the purple ones, but that’s probably because it’s my favorite color.
    03/27/12 @ 21:44

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