Sister Sews Some More

After completing her first apron, Sister went on to make some clothes during her visit.

First up, she did Simplicity 2224, a cute little pull-on skirt with pockets. She learned how to cut up the pattern, do pleats, attach a patch-style pocket, and make a casing. She also learned how to line up “friends,” which is what I called the notches since I have no idea what they’re called in Korean!

She used some quilting cotton. Some people think quilting cotton should only be used for quilting, but once we washed out the sizing, this fabric had a really nice hand and worked out very well for this skirt!

The skirt was huge! We took slightly deeper seams because it was soooo big. But it looks great on her, and she finished it Friday morning, so she could wear it in Williamsburg. It was a quick project, and very appropriate for a new sewer.


When we got back from Williamsburg, Sister made a shirt, Simplicity 1969.

This is a part of their Sew Simple line, which are repackaged, simplified patterns, offered in a limited range of sizes. This pattern appears to be one view of 2594 (view E without the lace trim). The patterns are inexpensive because of how much cheaper they are to produce.

Sister learned how to sew a facing and gathers (which sort of ended up more like pleats), and we both learned how to do a yoke. She also learned how to do top-stitching and got a lot of practice.

I think this shirt would look pattern in a fabric with more drape. The armholes are really low, and you need to wear a cami if you don’t want to show your bra. But it looks great!

S1969, Front

S1969, Back

Finally, Sister made Butterick 6625, an out-of-print skirt with a drawstring in the back that makes the back bustle up. I actually sewed this pattern ten years ago for myself. With this pattern, Sister learned how to make buttonholes.

B6625, Back

In ten years, I had forgotten what made this skirt not very wearable. The back of this pattern looks great, but in order to get it to gather, you have to really yank on the drawstring, which pulls the skirt very tight against the front of the body. Sister will probably end up using it as a beach coverup.

The fabric from this pattern was a black and white striped fabric picked up at the $2.97/yard table at G Street. We dyed it this really pretty green-blue using Rit dye. We also dyed a piece of fabric I picked up a royal blue. The next day I went to school with zombie-colored fingernails…

Those were all of the sewing projects we got done together. Sister alternated from “this is fun!” to “this is hard,” which made me laugh, because I’m the same way. I’m glad I got to teach her a little bit about sewing. It gave us something to do together in the evenings, and I learned some new skills, too.