Brother, Sister, and Me

Having Sister here for a few weeks was eye opening. I’ve never seen Good Man and Sister interact for an extended period of time without one or both of their parents around.

Hand in the Photo

In Williamsburg, I saw Good Man try to stick his hand in Sister’s photo. He does this to me all the time, and I thought he was doing it just to annoy me. Now I know he does it to annoy Sister, too. I’m not sure if that makes me feel less annoyed or extra annoyed on her behalf.

Sister Laughs

Good Man does this weird thing with his hands where we can individually move each joint at a time. He claims he broke his fingers multiple times while playing basketball. I’m not sure about that, but it’s creepy and alien-like.

Well, Sister can bend her fingers way, way back. They’re extremely curved. While I was taking photos, they decided to give me Vulcan fingers in honor of how much Good Man looks like Spock. I should have taken some video of their creepy hand tricks.

Spock Siblings

I got to see how Good Man and Sister interacted, but we also created jokes only the three of us would understand.

When Sister completed her apron and was working on her skirt, I picked Good Man up from the subway station. “Look,” I said, “[Sister] worked really hard on her apron and you will compliment her! No ‘ung’ing. You will say, ‘Good job, that looks really nice.'”

We got home and Good Man stopped in front of her apron. Sister showed him. “Good job, that looks really nice,” he said.

Sister narrowed her eyes. “Why did you respond like that? That is weird. You are not my brother.”

Good Man pointed at me, “She told me to say it.”

“What are you, her robot?” Sister laughed and poked him.

“‘Good job, that looks really nice.'”

The rest of the visit, we would poke Good Man from time to time so he’d say what we wanted him to say.