Simplicity 1896/0347, Vintage Dinner Roll Holder


This is Simplicity 1896 (also known as 0347) done up in some polyester fabric with golden thread running through it that I picked up at Joann’s last year.

I decided which size to make based on the finished size, and am happy with how loose it is.

This came together fairly quickly, and as I expected, the V is very deep. I knew I’d need to wear something else under this since the V was so deep, so I didn’t bother to line the super sheer fabric.

The fabric was a bit of a pain to sew, because it didn’t hold a pressing and if I did crank up the iron hot enough to keep a fold, the Lurex thread got wonky.

I used French seams for all of the seams because the fabric was so ravelrific, and I used the French seam combining the bodice and the lower portion as the elastic/drawstring casing. I also didn’t use narrow hems to finish it off, because the idea of doing narrow hems when I couldn’t really press it gave me nightmares.

I think this pattern could be very easily lengthened to make a dress.

My students told me I look like “painted, crinkled tape,” which I took as a compliment.

Fabric Closeup


I also recently finished a Vintage Inspired Dinner Roll holder, which is available as a free pattern.

Dinner Roll Holder

I made it using some muslin and some ladybug quilting fabric I bought as a remnant at Joann’s.