I found this today in Simplicity’s Summer 2012 Pattern Catalog.


You’d think a company that charges $15.95 for this pattern could afford a copy editor. Or heck, even just spell check since knightshirt isn’t a word!

One thought on “Knightshirt

  1. Comment from: rhiannon [Visitor] ยท
    I was expecting to see good man all decked out in a spiffy knight like shirt you had sewed for him LOL
    04/11/12 @ 23:04

    Comment from: admin [Member]
    Well…There are knitting patterns where you do an open garter stitch, then spray paint it to get a chainmail costume.

    But I don’t think I could get the easy-going Good Man into one of those!
    04/11/12 @ 23:09

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