Orange Riches

While packing lunch this morning, I handed Good Man a spoon and an orange. “Open this,” I said. He stabbed the orange with the spoon. “No! What are you doing? Your mother didn’t even teach you how to open up an orange?”

“We are Korean! We do not eat oranges!”

“Yes, you do.”

“No, normal Koreans eat gul [clementines], which are easy to peel. Only rich people eat oranges.” Good Man pumped his arm like a Korean protestor and put on a thick Korean accent. “Yankee, go home!”

One thought on “Orange Riches

  1. Comment from: Fal [Visitor]
    … actually I don’t know how to open an orange with a spoon. Or am I missing something about the connection between the two? Saem! Help-euh!
    04/25/12 @ 10:00

    Comment from: admin [Member]
    You hug the curve of the orange with the bowl of the spoon and gently push it into the peel so it slips underneath. Then work the spoon around the orange, loosening the peel so it slips off. Done! It works best with a soup spoon since the bowl has a softer curve.
    04/26/12 @ 16:08

    Comment from: Lu [Visitor]
    Waaahhhh! I never knew that, either. American born and bred, here. I have used knives to get the peel started, but never thought about a using spoon. See? I’m no elitist orange-spooning Yankee! I’m a woman of the people, eating the people’s fruit!

    I love the “Good Man”-isms. The squirrel/chestnut thing in your previous post was just too cute.
    04/26/12 @ 21:16

    Comment from: admin [Member]
    I love Good Manisms, too. One of my friends said I need my own TV show called “$h*! My Korean Husband Says.”

    Tonight he called me a relaxed squirrel.

    I don’t know what his obsession with squirrels is. I should go research what having a squirrel as a spirit animal means…
    04/26/12 @ 21:29

    Comment from: Fal [Visitor]
    I have now learned a thing! Thank you! I would try it out except that I live in Taiwan, which also tends to have citrus of the clementine variety….
    04/27/12 @ 09:05

    Comment from: HL [Visitor] ·
    I guess I wasn’t taught that, either. My method was stabbing the orange with my (usually short) fingernails, then swearing at the sticky juice that would dry on my hand. Spoons make so much more sense.
    05/04/12 @ 09:22

    Comment from: admin [Member]
    I should add that “your mother didn’t even teach you” has become a running joke in our kitchen.

    Good Man tried to cut an onion by cutting it in half and then putting it on the board cut side…up. That was the start of it. “Your mother didn’t even teach you how to cut an onion?”

    But I did assume he’d be able to open an orange with a spoon. It seems like something Koreans would do while picnicking after a hike in the woods mountains.
    05/04/12 @ 18:34

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