Payout Night

Tonight was the payout night at our bowling league, followed by a potluck and a no-tap bowling game.

Last week, which was the final competition week, we arrived in first place. We needed to win two games to get a clean first place standing (71 points). We needed one game to get a very probable first place standing (69 points). If third place won all three games, they’d end up with 70 points total, so they were the unknown.

There was a study done on Olympic winners. Gold winners are the happiest, bronze the second happiest, and silver the least happy. Second place thinks about how close they were to first, while third place thinks of how close they were to not placing.

This might explain why one half of team we were against ended the night saying, “Yeah, you lucked out the first game, you know that right? I sucked and that’s the only reason you won. What’s ‘Hanmi'[our team name] mean? Huh? HANdicap is Most Important?”

“No, ‘han’ refers to Korea, and ‘mi’ refers to America. Korean-American.”

“Oh, well, your name should be handicap is most important.” (Yes, so says the man whose partner has the highest handicap in the league…)

We finished the season with 69 points. They ended with 68. Third place ended with 66.

Guess it sucked being silver.