Squirrel Wife

“You are squirrel! I am monkey! We are friends!”

After years of my husband calling me a squirrel, I decided to go New Age on him and look up squirrel as a spirit animal. Apparently squirrels like to “chatter and scold, save for the future, and tend to do too many things at once,” I read out loud.

“See! I told you! You are squirrel wife!”

6 thoughts on “Squirrel Wife

  1. What does a monkey signify, unless it’s his astrological sign?

    Oh, and when did the switch to WordPress occur? What’s the occasion?

    • I’m glad you were able to find me.

      The switch to WordPress…the occasion was a slightly drunken, completely accidental clcik-click in MySQL that deleted six years of blogging. I was in tears for two hours, and Good Man and I are now using caches to move every post over…one-by-one, which is why a) we’re going to lose a lot of comments, and b) the comments we’re able to keep all look like they came from me.

      I’ll post about the monkey when we’re done. Which might be never. :(

      • I was wondering for awhile because I’d click on the link on Diana’s blog and be immediately redirected to the Google homepage. The last time my computer had the gall to say it detected malware. I’m really sorry about losing all your stuff … :(

        • Yeah, someone has been installed malware. I delete it, it comes back. I was trying to update my blogging platform because I thought there might be a security issue and then…everything fell apart.

  2. Here you are! I habitually click your blog, forgetting that the last couple of days there was a hiccup, and here I find that you’re up and running (under the load of backups) again! Welcome back! Sorry everything imploded there for a while! Man. That reminds me, I bought an external HD just to back up my comp, but I haven’t done it yet (I’ve had that external HD for nearly a year now.) Okay, tonight I’ll do it.

    • Jonathan, I had actually backed up my site. But then I didn’t check the backup before tinkering around. And the backup had failed. First time one of my site backups ever fails, and it was this time!

      Lessons learned: Don’t try to update the platform near midnight.
      Don’t do it after any booze.
      Check the backups before you start!
      Backup monthly because I certainly don’t do that now… (I’m setting up a Google calendar reminder!)

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