Resolutions: April Update

Here’s how I’m doing on my resolutions.

1) To walk/hike 1,000 miles.
No change. Keeping up exercise, although I’m not walking/hiking as much as I’d like.

2) To sew up more fabric than I buy.
I bought 3 3/4 yards of fabric, and was given 6 1/2 more in April, for a total of 10 1/4 yards.

I sewed up 11 7/8 yards, which means I’m in the red 16 2/3 yards (rounded).

3) To menu plan every single week.
Nope. Since Good Man was gone for half the month and I was on spring break for one week, I only menu planned a few weeks.

Overall grocery/dining spending was still down from where it was the last three months of 2011. My grocery bill was rather high, in large part because I stocked up on spices that the Asian grocery store doesn’t carry. Spices are expensive!