Do Not Go Into MySQL at Midnight, After Drinking

In the spirit of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie:

Do not tinker around in MySQL at midnight, after a margarita, trying to update your blogging platform.

Do not trust that the backup you made will actually work without a fatal error.  Because if it’s after midnight, and you’ve had a margarita, and you are screwing around in MySQL, Murphy’s Law ensures that the backup will have fatal errors when you try to restore it.

(And you will need to restore it, because you’re slightly tipsy, tired, and stupid—really stupid!—and you’ll accidentally delete all six years of blog posts and comments in just a few stupid clicks.)

Then you will cry ragged tears on and for two hours before finally going to bed.

The next day, you will install WordPress and then painstakingly…manually…copy over 900 posts that you can recover.  The remaining year and a half of blog posts will have to wait for another day.

(You will call your mom at some point, who start with, “Oh no!  Amanda, oh no, I’m so sorry…” and finish with, “But you’re usually so smart!”  And you’ll agree.  Because my God, what you did was really stupid!)

And when it takes three days to manually copy the posts (with the help of your very patient husband!), you will have a cramp in your right shoulder from viewing page source, copying, pasting, closing the window, opening another window…