Charming House

Written on Mother’s Day:

On the way home from breakfast with Dad, I poked around on Good Man’s phone, looking at his Trulia app.

“We should find some homes in our price range and drive past them,” I said, “so we have an idea of what we can actually get for what we can afford.”

“I’m tired.”

“Let’s just drive past a few,” I said, “There’s one really close to here.”

Good Man obliged and we drove slowly past a house.

“That’s odd,” I said, “Usually homes look smaller in real life, but this one is bigger than the picture. And look at that yard!”


We went to an open house later. Beautifully landscaped yard, and a spot behind the shed for kimchi pots, but the layout of the home was very odd, with three bedrooms (one of which was tiny and would make a good sewing room) all crammed on one side of the house. There was a half bath right next to the full bath (neither off the bedroom), which seemed a bit pointless.

One thing I really liked was the kitchen. You could tell a cook has redesigned the kitchen, because all of the cabinets went all the way up to the ceiling. They had built-in spice racks, and they didn’t waste space around the vent like so many do. They also all closed silently. The lower cabinets all had well-designed drawers in them. A very nice kitchen!

“I like the kitchen,” I said.

“The flow of this house is weird,” Good Man said.

The half bath also had some amazingly hideous wallpaper. Yes, you can remove wallpaper, but wow.

Also, it would have been a pain for Good Man to get to work via the Metro.

We also drove by some homes in Annandale that are in our price range, but none of them really spoke to us.