Drive Bys

Written Monday, May 14th:

Today Good Man and I did six drive-bys in three neighborhoods. I already checked out the bus situation, and it would be fairly easy for Good Man to get to work. I’d also checked out the school situation and knew neighborhoods one and three had stronger schools than the second neighborhood.

Neighborhood One
House One
First house was in a very quiet neighborhood near the interstate. We parked at the local school and walked to the house to get a feel for the neighborhood. Saw a few people out, but it was definitely suburban.

Although it was close to the interstate, the location of the house was quiet.

The house was recently renovated and had a lot of light. In fact, with the blinds open, you could see straight through the back of the house due to two large picture windows. The backyard was a decent size, but…it all sloped down toward the house.

The floor plan was a little strange. A half and full bath were right next to each other, but neither was off of the master bedroom.

I really liked how much light the house got.

“Look at that huge tree,” Good Man said, pointing to a huge tree in the front yard. “How will you garden with all that shade?”

“In the backyard.”

“Did you see the back? Even more shade.”

Neighborhood Two
Houses Two and Three
“I don’t even want to get out of the car,” Good Man said.

“Good, because I don’t either.”

We were in the parking lot of the school near the second and third houses we want to see. The whole neighborhood was run down. We passed one place with six cars in the driveway and five parked out front. On a Monday? That did not bode well for the weekend. The only people outside were loitering teenagers. No.

“Well, let’s drive past that five-bedroom illegally flipped house,” I said.

We did, and it was surrounded by completely overgrown yards.

“No,” Good Man said.

House Four, Near Two and Three

Houses two, three and four actually made a triangle. We drove past house four even though we’d basically written off the area.

In two blocks, the neighborhood had gone from being completely run down to being McMansionized. One was going up right down the street. The next block over, half the homes on one side of the street were oversized for their lot.

The pictures on the internet showed a big, bright kitchen with exposed wooden beams. It reminded us both of hanok.

“I still want to see the inside,” Good Man said.

Neighborhood Three
Houses Five and Six

Houses Five and Six were in the third neighborhood. It’s near a lake, and the neighborhood was very well-kept, although there weren’t too many people out.

Both homes we were interested in were occupied, so we were really only checking out the neighborhood. We liked it.


“Are we really going to like living in a neighborhood where every time we want to go eat, we need to get in a car?” I asked over dinner.

Good Man thought for a moment, “Hmm. Good point.”